WSQ Business Brand Building w/ Social Media Marketing

WSQ Business Brand Building w/ Social Media Marketing

Content formats and publishing platforms vary as much as the social media platforms. The fact is, you can publish content in many different forms, for many different mediums. Yet you have to know what works best for your social media audience.
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Course Synopsis

Learn about the various content formats and publishing platforms that are out there, as well as the latest developments in social media marketing, and how you can use them to your advantage in your digital marketing campaigns to increase reach, engagement, and conversions. Examine how marketers schedule the creation and publication of content at the same time.

Using relevant and valuable content, such as videos, podcasts, and other media, social media marketing is a strategic marketing tactic used to draw in, hold onto, and grow an audience. This marketing strategy builds expertise, increases brand recognition, and keeps your company at the forefront of customers’ minds when it comes time to make a purchase.

A brand and business can be significantly impacted by social media marketing. Discover how to create and implement a successful social media marketing strategy. Learn how to come up with ideas for and produce valuable content that increases brand trust and attracts customers in this 3-day business brand building certification course. As you build narratives to make your marketing content engaging, you will acquire the in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed as a content marketer.

Course Schedule

From 16th to 18th
  • From 9am to 6pm
WSQ Business Brand Building w/ Social Media Marketing
Full Course Fee:
Max Capacity: 24 students
Duration: 3 Days
Lectures: 1
Level: Beginner

What You'll Learn

Specifically, you will:
  • Learn how to create different social media accounts from scratch and best practices to maintain a positive brand image for yourself or your company

  • Find out how a brand and business can be affected by social media marketing

  • Learn how to create and implement a successful social media marketing strategy

  • Come up with ideas for content that increases brand trust

  • Produce valuable content that attracts customers

Who is this Program For?

This program provides professionals with frameworks that will enable any organization to meet the challenges posed by the modern-day marketplace. The program will be particularly beneficial for:

Brands, marketers and brand managers who want to learn how to build their brand using social media marketing

Retail executives and category managers who want to learn how they can grow their business using social media

Marketers and ad agencies that want to provide their clients brand building services using social media marketing

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Course Objectives

This course will equip the learners with the following skills and knowledge:
  • Maximize your budget to maximize the leads generated by social media advertising.

  • Manage and evaluate your campaigns on multiple social media platforms

  • Use social media marketing as a tool to connect to your target audience

Course Fees After Subsidy

  • *Course fees payable is subject to 8% GST charged based on the full course fees before subsidy.
  • **Absentee payroll is claimable up to $4.50 per hour, capped at $100.000 per enterprise per calendar year.
  • ***Subjected to individual compay's budget availability for SkillsFuture Enterprice Cerdit (SFEC). For more information, please refer to SFEC SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit page

SME Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding by Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Empoyment size of not more than 200 (at group level) or with annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than $100 million


Starting Course

After Intro

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