Professionalising Your Career with the Global CFP® Mark

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (“CFP®”) mark is the most desired and respected global certification for those seeking to demonstrate their commitment to competent and ethical financial advisory practice.
CFP® advisors meet initial and ongoing education, experience and professional development requirements, pass a rigorous exam that assesses competency, and adhere to a code of ethics, pledging to provide financial planning in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards.
Financial Planning Association of Singapore (“FPAS”) is part of a global assembly of financial planning bodies, and a licensee of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., a US-based non-profit organisation launched in October 2004 to set standards for and oversee the international CFP® certification program. 

Who is it for?

CFP® advisors are trusted financial professionals who work with individuals and families to review all aspects of their financial affairs and recommend practical, easy-to-understand solutions for every life stages, and financial goals. The scope of advisory may involves financial goals relating to: investment, insurance, estate, legacy & succession


Attaining CFP®

Module 1 equips advisors with relevant knowledge, skillsets, and ethical values so that they are competent to recommend general financial planning strategies and to advise on the appropriate selection and use of various financial products for individuals, e.g. insurance, unit trusts, and a broad range of securities and banking products.

Upon successful completion of this module, participants can use the Associate of Financial Planner mark (AFPCM) from FPAS.

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CodeTutorial Dates Time
EM17, 21 Dec 20206:30PM – 10:00PM
ModuleDescriptionExam Date
1Foundations in Financial Planning14 Jan 2021, Thursday

Income and assets of individuals are the cornerstones of financial planning. However they are exposed to risks. An uncertainty regarding loss is often termed as a risk. In a general sense the term ‘risk’ may be used to include all situations, in which there is an exposure to misfortune or adverse circumstances. This module teaches the advisors to help clients identify the risks that may financially cripple them, and the strategies that can be implemented to nullify these risks.

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ModuleDescriptionExam Date
2Risk Management and Insurance Planning21 Jan 2021, Thursday

Module 3 equips advisors with relevant knowledge, skillsets of Singapore tax regime, with emphasis is on tax minimization techniques for individuals as well as business structures.  In the estate planning portion focus on wealth preservation, distribution as well as succession planning techniques to minimize deterioration of assets.

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ModuleDescriptionExam Date
3Tax Planning & Estate Planning28 Jan 2021, Thursday

Module 4 equips advisors with relevant knowledge, skillsets of investment, involving a comprehensive review of investment planning concepts and investment instruments. It draws together the techniques for evaluating different asset classes to meet different investment goals, and suitability of recommended portfolios for clients considering investment goals, time horizons and risk tolerance. Quantitative investment concepts, investment theories and strategies, and asset pricing models are also examined.

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CodeTutorial Dates Time
DM418 Dec 2020, 8 Jan 20219:00AM – 12:30PM
ModuleDescriptionExam Date
4Investment Planning28 Jan 2021, Thursday

Module 5 teaches the advisors to help clients identify the risks of not planning well and in advance to secure an active retirement lifestyle envisioned. It looks at portfolio strategies that can be complemented with existing CPF and SRS frameworks.

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ModuleDescriptionExam Date
5Retirement Planning18 Feb 2021, Thursday

This is the final module of the CFP course. It brings together the multi-disciplined concepts learnt from Module 1 to 5 for an advisor to take a holistic approach towards crafting comprehensive financial solutions for the clients’ financial goals.  Case studies will be used to prepare advisors on the thoroughness and in-depth review of personal data when crafting the financial solutions while upholding professionalism to the highest standard.

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ModuleDescriptionExam Date
6Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities25 Feb 2021, Thursday


Associate Financial Planner AFPCM

M1: Foundations in Financial Planning

Associate Wealth Planner AWPCM

M1: Foundations in Financial Planning

M4: Investment Planning

M5: Retirement Planning

Certified Financial Planner CFP®

M1: Foundations in Financial Planning

M2: Risk Management and Insurance Planning

M3: Tax Planning & Estate Planning

M4: Investment Planning

M5: Retirement Planning

M6: Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities

Examination Duration and Format

All examinations are conducted using e-assessment mode.

Examinations for Modules 1 to 5 are each three-hour papers, consisting of multiple-choice questions.

Module 6 is a three-hour written examination.

95%* of course fees are funded by IBF

*All courses and assessment fees are invoiced on nett basis upon sign-up of courses.

The remaining balance of courses fees are only invoiced when students pass the assessments conducted by FPAS.

Funding Criteria

IBF funds 95% of course fees + first time assessment fees when all the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Singaporean & SPR only
  • Complete 75% of tutorial hours
  • Pass examination conducted by FPAS

IBF will clawback the funding of assessment fees if the criteria is not met.

Non-funded Fees

  • FPAS charges SGD128.40 annually for usage of AFPCM or AWPCM marks, and SGD246.10 for CFP® mark
  • All re-sit fees, regardless of modules

Preparatory AFPCM Bootcamp

Component 1

Instructor led virtual classroom tutorial – 7 hours

Component 2

Self directed learning via our compact and accurate materials accessible only through our elearning portal
*Recommended preparatory hours – at least 21 hours
**We guarantee unlimited usage of our tutorials and materials as long as you are preparing for your assessment

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