Horizontal Surface Maintenance (Level 1)

About This Course

To be able to help cleaning company clients retain their employees so that they remain employable when they are awarded new contracts and/or when their contracts are renewed. By sending cleaners for full qualification, cleaning companies can easily attain the Silver or Gold Mark by the NEA as recognition for delivery of high cleaning standards. These awards will serve the cleaning companies well as they will be considered favourably for high value projects.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Apply relevant workplace safety and health procedures when cleaning hard floor surfaces and carpets
  2. Identify the type of cleaning environment, hard floor surfaces and carpets
  3. Identify the types and conditions of cleaning tools, equipment, supplies and chemicals with the type of dust, debris, spillage and impacted soil
  4. Report to appropriate person in charge in accordance with organisational procedures when the work activities cannot be carried out/completed
  5. Use common methods to control and remove loose dust, impacted soil, debris and spillage from hard floor surfaces and carpets
  6. Comply to the requirements of the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations Clause 39 on prohibited use of hose or sprinklers in certain instances
  7. Identify common mopping methods and perform mopping of hard floor surfaces
  8. Check the final conditions of the hard floor surfaces and reinstate cleaning supplies, consumables and chemicals to the designated storage areas
  9. Reinstate the work area by collecting, handling and disposing of waste in accordance to organisational requirements
Course Code TGS-2022016567
Duration (in hour / minute)

Classroom Facilitated Training – 16 hrs

Assessment – 1 hr

TOTAL hrs – 17 hrs

Assessment Modes Oral Questioning, Role Play
Duration (in day; up to 8 to 9 hours per day) Total Classroom hrs = 17 hrs
Funding Type UTAP+SFC

 Nett Fee after SSG’s Course Fee Funding

Type Category of Individuals
Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and Long Term Visit Pass
Plus (LTVP+) holders
Employer-sponsored and self-sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old
and above
SME-sponsored local employees (i.e Singapore Citizens and Singapore
Permanent Residents)
Funding Source
SkillsFuture Funding (Baseline) SkillsFuture Mid- Career Enhanced Subsidy SkillsFuture Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Up to 50% of Course Fees Up to 70% of Course Fees Up to 70% of Course Fees
Course Fee $ 390.00 $ 390.00 $ 390.00
SkillsFuture Funding $ 195.00 $ 273.00 $ 273.00
Nett Fee Payable (Before GST) $ 195.00 $ 117.00 $ 117.00
GST (9% x $390.00) $ 35.00 $ 38.00 $ 38.00
Final Amount Payable (Incl. of 9% GST) $ 230.00 $ 152.00 $ 152.00
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